The Power Inside

So this was a ten day shoot which is surprising because it's a webisode.  But getting with the times means embracing new formats.  Working with two directors was also kinda strange.  The first clip was in the Hollywood hills and wrapped at 4am; at that hour I did not find this very amusing.  Now I am seeing the humor and looking forward to the next series.  I also couldn't believe this coffee shop wanted $22 for a pound of coffee.  The free iced coffee at the end of the day was amazing though. 

In the second clip the party was held in 1920s apartment on the 9th floor, a building with only one manually operated service elevator.   PAs had to rock the bus since it never left the street and the lighting guys did a great job showing "oncoming cars" and blackouts.

In the third clip the basement was so dark and creepy it must have been a dungeon at some point.  I only went down there when I had too.  Beware the mustache!  Check out the The Power Inside to see which side you are on.